Wealth managers – your peers are getting business from LinkedIn!

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Over the past couple of years the wealth management sector has really begun to embrace social media as a means of driving new business. LinkedIn is by far the most powerful and intuitive tool to connect with prospects and clients, and so I wanted to share with you a few success stories some of my clients (names available upon request) have achieved as a result of my LinkedIn training:


1) New assets under management of £800,000 – a sole trader wealth manager, based at Canary Wharf, used the functionality on LinkedIn to search for former employees of a multinational bank, within a 10-mile radius of his office. The search gave him a list of over 150 people and, using an existing client who worked at the bank, asked for introductions to four people that his client knew personally who appeared in the search results. The client willingly referred all four people to the wealth manager, which resulted in new assets under management totalling over £800,000 and fees in excess of £10,000 per annum.

2) New mortgage business of £1.7m – a mortgage broker based in Mayfair used LinkedIn to connect with an existing client and asked for permission from his client to look at his LinkedIn connections. He selected half a dozen of his clients’ 1st line connections and, at a face-to-face meeting with the client, asked if he was able to refer any of those people to him. He referred three of the six people to him, resulting in two re-mortgage exercises and a buy-to-let mortgage, totalling approximately £1.7m and arrangement fees of £27,000.

3) Pension transfer of £475,000 – one of my clients, an IFA, has a strong relationship with partners at a national accounting firm and regularly posts content on LinkedIn about pension news in order to position himself as the ‘go to’ person for any of his clients who need advice on their pension arrangements. One of his clients saw a recent update from the IFA on LinkedIn, which prompted him to arrange a meeting, resulting in a pension transfer of £475,000.

These are just 3 examples of my clients gaining tangible and extremely significant business as a result of their LinkedIn activities. These results didn’t happen overnight – my most successful clients use LinkedIn on a regular and consistent basis. Success on LinkedIn begins with an engaging, value-driven profile (not an online CV!) which gives the reader a reason to engage with you, followed by a strong dose of perseverance and tenacity.


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